Why Your Lips Are Dry

As winter well and truly starts to set in, you’ll probably notice that your lips begin to suffer. Becoming dry and chapped, it’s safe to say that winter is not your lips’ best friend. But why is that?


As logic would suggest, a dehydrated body can lead to dehydrated lips. If your lips are dry then it could be your body’s way of telling you you need to up your water intake.

Licking your lips

As logic would defy, licking your lips can actually make them drier. Constantly running saliva over the lips can mess with the natural oils that keep them plump and hydrated, and this can lead to dryness. Even though it’s hard, try to resist licking dry lips because you could actually be making the problem worse.

Using scented lip balm

Applying lip balm is obviously great at helping to keep your lips hydrated. However, if you’re doing this and still noticing dry lips then it could be the ingredients in your chosen product that’s causing the problem or making it worse. A lot contain perfumes or unnatural fragrances that your lips don’t like so note the ingredients and adjust accordingly when you notice a problem.

Getting too much sun in summer

Even though long, hot summers seem like a distant memory now, your lips could still be processing the effects. Too much UV exposure in summer can lead to chapped lips in winter so be sure to always use SPF.

Vitamin deficiency

The reason that your lips could be dry or chapped is because they’re not getting what they need for healthy cell function. Be sure to stock on foods rich in vitamin B2 (like eggs and lean meat) as well as those with zinc and iron (so plenty of spinach).

Yeast infection

If you’re body is producing too much yeast (ie, because of an infection) then this can show through dry lips (particularly in the corners). If lip balms don’t seem to be fixing the problem then pop in to your GP to see if a course of antibiotics is needed to clear things up.

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