This Season’s Must-Have Hair Colours

What better time to switch up your hair colour then when a new season hits? Maybe you’ve spent the summer as a blondie and want to go darker, or perhaps your natural colour just needs a bit of lifting. Check out these amazing colours that will carry you through to next year.

Ash Brown

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You better get your silver shampoo at the ready because cool tones is where it’s at. Dial the warmth in your light brown hair right back to zero and give this ashy look a try.

Cherry Red

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Red is and always has been a popular choice for Autumn and this year it’s about to be deeper and richer than ever. Opt for cherry tones for a super luxurious look. The great thing about red tones is that even as they start to fade, they still look just as good.

Rose Gold

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It’s loved in jewellery, clothes and kitchen accessories but get ready to embrace rose gold hair too. Looking just as good on bleach blondes as it does on light browns, this trend is pretty, delicate and easier to achieve than it looks.


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Natural redheads listen up because this season we’re dialling the red right up. Super fiery copper tones are set to be really popular and you’ll be feeling all pumpkin spice latte.

Brunette Balayage

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If you have naturally very dark hair then this is the season to add a little lift. Super subtle, adding a few very slightly lighter pieces to the lengths of your hair (not right up to the roots) will give your brunette locks a little update.


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Not quite blonde but not exactly brunette either, this look gets its name from its state of in between. This is a really nice shade to either lighten up to or darken down to and it’s super easy to maintain.

Chilli Chocolate

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The ones with inventive, food-related names are always the best aren’t they? And this fiery sounding shade is for brunettes who are considering going red but aren’t quite brave enough to fully take the plunge. Adding a few red pieces in a balayage style will give you that feel of a brand new hair style, without the nerves that go with a completely new colour!

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