Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Despite the fact that glasses lenses are obviously clear, it can still feel like your makeup gets hidden behind them. If you’re a glasses wearer then learn how to make your makeup pop with our hints and tips!

Curl Your Lashes

Mascara can be a bit of a nightmare when you’re wearing glasses because it can brush against your lenses and leave smeary marks. To make sure this doesn’t happen, always curl your eyelashes first. Also, try to apply your mascara more thickly at the root of the lashes, and less so at the tip to create a weight balance that will keep your lashes out of the way of your lenses.

Use a Good Concealer

Glasses can often leave red marks, particularly on your nose, so be sure to use a good coverage concealer to avoid this. Apply a primer first, to keep it in place all day.

Keep Your Brows Strong

Glasses have a tendency to take over your face, especially if you have very large or thick-rimmed frames. Balance out the look with strong brows, filled in with a gel, powder or pencil. They will frame your face nicely and take the focus away from your lenses.

Go a Shade Darker Than Your Frames

When it comes to eyeliner and accentuating your eyes, go a shade or two darker than the colour of your glasses frames. This will help to offset your eyes against your glasses and make them look defined, even behind the glass.

Use Eyeshadow Primer

Obviously it depends whether you are short sighted or long sighted, but some glasses can actually magnify your eyes and make them appear larger. With that, it magnifies any creases and smudges in your makeup so apply an eyeshadow primer first to keep it looking wrinkle-free.

Wing Your Liner

Keeping your eyes looking bright, wide and open can be tricky when they’re surrounded by your glasses frames and so you need to work extra hard. When wearing eyeliner, always wing it out at the corners to give the illusion of your eyes being bigger and more open than they are.

Go For a Bold Lipstick

If you have dark frames, are wearing a dark eyeliner and have filled in a dark brow then the whole look can be a little top heavy. Level it out with a bold lipstick colour to perfectly finish off the look.

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