How To Figure Out Your Skin Type

Taking care of your skin, choosing products that work on it and achieving the flawless makeup look all start with the same thing; knowing your skin type. And yet it’s not always as simple as we might like, to figure it out. Sometimes it can even feel like it changes from one day to the next! So how exactly do you make sense of it?

The most common misconception is that we all only have one skin type, but actually it can be determined by a number of factors such as environment, hormones and lifestyle. So for example, you could find your skin to be oily around the time of your period, even though it may be quite dry the rest of the month. It’s all about changing up your routine based on what your skin is telling you.

The best place to start is to work out what your sebaceous gland activity is doing. This is the gland that can increase oil activity based on your hormone cycle and the best thing to counteract this is salicylic acid.

Most people actually have combination skin, which means they can experience levels of dryness and oiliness and so the mistake is to treat your whole face in the same way. You need to tailor your skin regime to suit your individuality as there actually aren’t blanket ‘skin types’ that apply to everyone.

A good way to identify your own skin’s characteristics is to keep a skin diary; make notes of different things you did or products you used and see how they affect you. Do you get a red flush when you go outside then inside? If so, you might have sensitive skin. Do you have large pores? If so, this can be indicator of ever changing skin (going from dry to oily).

Another important factor that can change your skin is environment. If you go to the gym a lot, sweating can call for a more thorough cleansing regime. Or if you live somewhere particularly hot or particularity cold, this will all contribute to how you look after your skin.

It’s actually only 60% down to genetics; the rest is about hormones and environment, and also age. The best way to care for your skin is to really get to know it; notice what affects it and take the right steps to tailor your routine to it’s ever-changing traits.

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