How To Do a Halo Braid

Looking for a fancy hair style for your next big event? Well you don’t need to be a hairdressing mastermind in order to create something that looks really special. More often than not, fancy or elaborate hairstyles are a lot easier to do than they look and only take a few steps. Learn to do a halo braid in just 5 easy steps, for a sophisticated, boho up do.

1. Prep and divide

You don’t want any frizzy flyaways with this kind of style so be sure to use a smoothing serum or oil before you start. Then the first step is to divide your hair into two equal pieces, starting with a centre parting and going down to the nape of your neck.

2. Begin a braid

Starting on one of the sections at the nape of your neck, pick out a small piece of hair and start to dutch braid it, adding in tiny extra pieces of hair with every cross over.

3. Over your head

As you continue to braid towards your face, go up across your forehead and keep pulling in extra hair as you go.

4. Braid it down

Once you’ve braided all the way back to your starting point, simply complete by doing a standard plait with the remaining hair and then securing with a hair tie.

5. Secure it and you’re done

Then wrap the long plait up across your head and secure with hair pins. Pull at sections of your braid here and there so that it doesn’t look too tight and then finish it off with a little hairspray to keep the look in place. And you’re finished! Impress your friends and look a million dollars at your next night out or special occasion. Pair an up do with a bold lipstick colour to really make the look pop.

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