How to Care For Your Lash Extensions

Getting eyelash extensions can reduce the time it takes for you to get ready in the morning, relinquish the need for lots of makeup and help you feel more confident when bare-faced. But they also involve a high level of care to keep them looking amazing. Here’s a few top tips on the do’s and don’t’s of lash extensions!


  • Keep them as dry as possible, especially when you’ve first had them done. This not only means avoiding washing your hair for the first 24 hours, but also avoid steamy or moist environments.
  • Try to control oily skin with cleansers and toners, as your face’s natural oils can damage them.
  • Clean them properly at least a few times a week with tailored products (like a foaming lash cleanser) to ensure the upkeep of your lash health.
  • Book infill appointments before they’re looking terrible. If you go when you start to notice them thinning out then the quality afterwards will be much better than if you wait until they’re really sparse.
  • Consult a specialist if they cause you any pain or discomfort – it’s always better to be safe than sorry!


  • Touch your eyes too often. Playing with, picking at or rubbing will not only get the natural oils from your hands on them (which can be damaging) but it can also affect the health of your natural lashes.
  • Use oily products. Oil is the worst enemy of lash extensions so makeup removers, cleansers and moisturisers should be oil-free and maybe water-based instead.
  • Use oil-based or waterproof makeup. Keep away from mascara and eyeliner as much as you can anyway (with the lash extensions, you shouldn’t really need it) but if you must wear some then make sure you’re choosing compatible products.
  • Use face wipes or cotton pads on them. All that friction and rubbing can lead to losing more lashes than you’d like.
  • Apply strip lashes as well. The glue can pull out not only your lash extensions, but some of your natural lashes too.
  • Try to remove them yourself. Always consult a specialist if you’re ready to return to your au naturel┬ástate.

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