Get That Party Season Glow

Trends may come and go but the current love affair in the beauty industry is to be highlighted to the nines and to shine like a perfectly glazed donut. Of course, there’s no better time to up the glow than at party season, where all glitter everything is the norm and any amount of sparkle goes. But how exactly do you get that perfectly highlighted look down to tee?

Well for starters, you’ll need some super glowy products. Try a mix of liquid, cream and powder to really find out which product works best with your skin and it’s worth investing a number of different shades. If your eye makeup is in blue and gun metal shades then a gold highlight will clash so try a cool-toned one like a lilac (don’t worry – it won’t look lilac once it’s on your face). If your eye makeup is berry and bronze then a gold or champagne highlight will look the best, so buy a couple of different shades and get experimenting.

Another thing that will determine which shade looks best on you is of course your skin tone. If you have dark, warm toned skin then a warm toned highlighter will look best. Whereas for those with cool-toned, paler skin, opt for a pearly pink shade.

Once you’ve got your products all picked out, it’s all about the application. As a general rule of thumb, liquid or cream products should never be applied over powder ones. This is because it will make them clog and appear patchy (not the look we’re going for here). So apply your foundation, then any liquid or cream highlighters, then apply your normal face powder to set your foundation (but NOT over the area you’ve highlighted) and then add your powder highlighter over the liquid one. It’s a good idea to use both a liquid and a powder product as the two will really set eachother off.

In terms of the application, your finger is the best way to go for a liquid or cream highlighter. Simply add a tiny bit of product to the pad of your index or middle finger and then pat it gently on to the top of your cheekbones. Keep working it like this until it’s well blended, and add more product only a little at a time. If you add too much in one go then it won’t blend nicely and will likely look as though you’ve done your makeup in the dark.

Which brings us on to the next tip; tilt your head as you apply highlighter so that you reach the point where the light naturally hits your cheekbone. This is the perfect spot that you should be adding your glow to. As for powder highlighters, you should apply these with a nice dispersed brush, nothing too dense or tightly-packed. A fan brush is a nice one for sweeping across the cheekbone in one go, but a smaller, fluffy brush will give you more control.

As for which products you should buy, there are thousands of amazing ones on the market from high end to bargain buy so have a wander round your nearest department stores and get sampling a few. Whatever you end up deciding, always finish your makeup with a setting spray to ensure your glow lasts all night!

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