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Christmas Party Makeup Tips

The festive season is well and truly here and the chances are that your calendar is chock-a-block with exciting plans, reunion drinks and office Christmas parties. But just how do you totally nail the festive look when it comes to your makeup? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a few top tips!

Start with a dewy primer

Start your base off with a glowy, highlighted primer. This will not only help to keep your makeup on your face all night long, but the glow will shine right through your foundation and give you a lovely, yet natural, highlighted look.

Use highlighter as eyeshadow

Are you noticing the theme here? Christmas is all about sparkle and you simply can’t have enough at your special parties. Use a powder highlighter as the lid shade in your eyeshadow look to create a light reflecting tone. Don’t forget to add a little extra in your tear ducts for an extra bright-eyed look.

Use highlighter to help glitter stick

If you’re going all-out with a loose glitter pigment as your eyeshadow, then you’re going to be looking for ways to ensure it stays on your eyelids all night and doesn’t start travelling down your face. Use a liquid highlighter. Not only will it help the glitter to stick, but the highlight will further enhance the shine!

Use a darker lip liner than your lipstick

To give the illusion of fuller lips, use a slightly darker lip liner than your lipstick (not the nineties style of 10 shades darker of course). Not only will it give you a juicier looking pout, but it will also help with wearability, as it blends better and doesn’t give you the same harsh line if your shade starts to wear off.

Always finish with a setting spray

If you plan on dancing and singing Christmas songs all night then you don’t want to look a mess by the end of it. Always finish your makeup with a strong-hold setting spray to make sure it goes the distance.

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