Are We Really Spending £70,000 Beautifying Ourselves?

Money, money, money must be funny right? And whether you’ve got it, are always trying to make more or are struggling to work out what to do with it, there’s no doubt we spend a lot of it. But just how much do we spent on beautifying ourselves?

Well, recent studies would suggest quite a lot! On average, we spend £483 a year just on beauty products, not taking into account spray tans, nail salon trips or lash extension treatments. When you do take all the other stuff into account, the figure jumps up to a whopping £1,352 a year.

So the average British woman will apparently spend £70,294 in her lifetime on beautifying herself. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t consider them self “into” beauty, you still have to consider the price of skincare products like moisturisers, serums and eye creams, that can often come with a hefty price tag. There’s also fitness expenses to consider, like gym memberships, workout apps and fitness classes.

Of course, for women who consider themselves beauty lovers, this figure probably comes as no surprise. Always clicking ‘add to basket’ on new makeup launches, always willing to splash out £40 on a good foundation rather than new clothes or food for the house, and always treating themselves to fancy facials and spa treatments, there are some people who would never consider money spent on beauty as wasted.

The more dedicated among us are also willing to splash out big amounts on cosmetic surgery, which can cost thousands (considerably raising the national average). Interestingly, one of the most popular splurges (besides makeup) is anti-ageing products. 14 percent of women surveyed said they spend between £20 and £60 per month on anti-ageing products and maintaining a youthful appearance!

How much do you think you spend in a month, year or lifetime? Are you one of the top spenders at over £70,000 or do you manage to secretly rack up more than you realise?

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