5 Things You Should Know About Rosehip Oil

It’s fair to say that Kate Middleton is an icon. Every dress she wears flies off the shelves, her wedding dress was the thing of dreams and the way she manages to get the perfectly bouncy blow dry every time just proves she’s a goddess. So it’s fair to say that when we hear about a new beauty saviour of hers, we’re all over it. It’s been reported that ever since she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte, she’s been raving about rosehip oil. But just why is it so amazing?

It’s rich in antioxidants

Rosehip oil contains a natural source of antioxidants, including tocopherols and carotenoids. These protect your skin from the tolls of daily stress and keep skin supple. As well as that though, it also contains linoleic acid which can help with acne. It’s also full of vitamin A and vitamin C which help with a youthful, smooth appearance.

It repairs skin

Although exfoliating is important for washing away dirt and dead skin cells, it can also lead to damage to your skin’s lipid barrier. This can lead to dryness and irritated skin, but rosehip oil works to quickly repair this thanks to its lipid-rich properties. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to improve the tightness of the skin.

It acts as a top coat for your face

In the same way that you seal your nails with a top coat, your skin is at its best when you use a face oil to work as a top coat to seal everything in. If you use a product like rosehip oil as the last part of your routine, it will keep all the hydration and goodness in thanks to its large molecules.

It’s multi purpose

The great thing about rosehip oil is that you can use it in so many different ways. Use it on flights to prevent your skin feeling dry from the airplane air, use it after sun exposure or swimming to prevent dryness (which is caused by heat, chlorine and salt water) and use it to avoid stretch marks, particularly in pregnancy. You can also mix it with your foundation to give it an extra hydrating boost.

It’s better in a mixed form

Although rosehip oil in its pure form is great, you’ll actually see better results by using a product that include it, along with other ones. This is because the skin barrier is made up of water and oil and so you should try using products that combine the two to maintain balance in your complexion. Like with a lot of things associated with health (like your diet), it’s all about variety and balance.

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